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A picture is a poem without words”

- Horace

I’ve been asked to describe my work on more than one occasion and I seem to fail at coming up with any definitive style or genre. I’m trained as a photographer and documentary filmmaker, but I don’t really like the limitations of labels. I don’t really color within the lines nor play by conventional rules. I was kicked out of piano lessons at age 9 because I kept changing the songs to sound the way I wanted to hear them played.

I picked up my first camera (Pentax K1000) at age 11. My stepfather was an amateur photographer and taught me how to use the camera and develop film in a make-shift closest darkroom. Photography quickly became my escape from the mad world around me. I later studied to become a photojournalist and I eventually ended up in film school at the New York Film Academy.  Since graduation I’ve directed and produced several feature length documentary films and more short films than I can count. I’ve been blessed to have my photography showcased in international galleries and exhibitions. My film and television work has been shown on PBS, The Atlantic, WNET, Discovery, BBC, and others.

I teach workshops and master classes in the USA (San Francisco, Los Angeles, Detroit, New York, Chicago) | CANADA (Toronto, Montreal) | UK (London, Manchester, Liverpool) | TURKEY (Istanbul) | UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai) | SINGAPORE (Singapore) | MALAYSIA (Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Johor) | INDONESIA (Jakarta, Palembang, Yogyakarta) | AUSTRALIA (Sydney, Melbourne) | NEW ZEALAND (Auckland) | SOUTH AFRICA (Cape Town). Check out the ‘Courses’ link to find out more.


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